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Vehicle Repair Authorization

We’ve made it simple to authorize repairs to your vehicle online.
Complete the required information below, click the boxes to agree to the statements and sign with your finger or mouse before submitting.

Customer Information
Vehicle & Insurance Information
Number of people in vehicle at the time of accident?
Has the insurance company written an initial estimate?
Have you received any checks from the insurance company?
To your knowledge will a lienholder(bank) need to endorse any checks? -If yes please be sure this is addressed prior to completion of repairs.
I understand collision repairs are a complex process and typically take 2-6 weeks, on average.
I understand and agree to the shop's current posted labor rates. Furthermore, I understand if the insurance company does not recognize these rates, I may incur additional out of pocket expenses.
I have removed all personal belongings from my vehicle including items in glove boxes, consoles, under seats, trunks/truck beds and in toolboxes (if applicable)
I understand my vehicle should be reasonably clean both inside and outside prior to drop off. This includes trash left in beds of trucks, interiors and excessive mud or dust on exteriors.
Clicking the boxes indicates you have read and agree to the following statement(s):

TEARDOWN AUTHORIZATION- I authorize the TEARDOWN and APPRAISAL of the listed vehicle. I understand if, for any reason, the vehicle repairs are cancelled before completion, there could be charges incurred for the estimate, teardown, non-returnable parts, restocking fees, negotiations and storage, where applicable. These charges must be paid in full prior to release of the vehicle.
REPAIR AUTHORIZATION- I authorize Hunter Body Works to complete the estimated repair work to be done along with necessary materials. And hereby grant Hunter Body Works and/or its employees permission to operate the listed vehicle on streets, highways or elsewhere for the purpose of completing repairs, testing and/or inspection. An express mechanic's lien is hereby acknowledged on the listed vehicle.
AUTHORIZATION TO ACCESS DATA- I understand that modern vehicles are complex, and that electronic data recorded in vehicle systems may help to diagnose necessary repairs and confirm applicable systems are functional after repairs are performed. I authorize Hunter Body Works to access this data as part of the repair process and agree I am ultimately responsible for any additional charges this service may incur.
PERSONAL ITEMS- HUNTER BODYWORKS - I understand Hunter Body Works is not responsible for loss or damage to vehicles, articles, or personal property left in the listed vehicle in case of fire, theft, natural disasters or any other cause beyond Hunter Bodyworks' control.
NATURAL / WEATHER DAMAGE- In the case of damage caused by wind, fire, hail, flooding or other "Acts of God", I agree to file a claim for the damages with my own insurance company. I understand that Hunter Body Works is unable to keep all vehicles inside or under cover to protect from the elements and is not responsible for these types of losses.
LABOR RATES- I acknowledge Hunter Bodyworks' labor and material rates are posted in the office, on all estimates and are considered fair and reasonable. I do not expect Hunter Body Works to adjust their rates to satisfy an insurance company and/or customer.

I understand I will be responsible for any rate differences.
PARTS- Hunter Body Works highly prefers to use only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement parts. We understand insurance companies often prefer the use of NON-OEM (aftermarket) parts, recycled/LKQ (Like Kind in Quality) parts or reconditioned parts to reduce costs. If said insurance company chooses to utilize these types of parts, we will first give you the option to pay the price difference to the OEM parts. We reserve the right to refuse the use of any parts we think may sacrifice quality and safety.

RENTAL VEHICLES- Certain events, such as insurance delays, parts delays, extensive vehicle damage, etc. may result in longer repair times. These longer repair times may exceed the limit of your rental coverage. Hunter Body Works will not be responsible for any rental expenses.
PAYMENTS- Hunter Bodyworks accepts insurance checks, personal checks, money orders, credit cards and cash as accepted payments.
Please be sure all payees (including lienholder, if applicable) have endorsed the insurance check(s) prior to completion of repairs.
CREDIT CARDS- I understand an additional 3% processing fee will apply to all credit or debit card payments.
POWER OF ATTORNEY- I hereby constitute and appoint Hunter Body Works as my agent (attorney-in-fact) to act for me in any true and lawful way to accept and endorse, on my behalf, any and all checks, drafts, or bills of exchange received by me or by Hunter Body Works, from any insurance company and apply them to the cost of repairs of the listed vehicle, provided that such proceeds are used only for payment due Hunter Body Works.
Notice Pursuant to sec.70.001, Texas Property Code- I am the person and/or agent acting on the behalf of the person, who is obligated to pay for the repairs of the listed vehicle subject to the repair contract. I understand that the listed vehicle is subject to repossession in accordance with the Sec 9.606 Texas Business and Commerce Code, if check, money order, or credit card transaction for the repair on the listed vehicle is stopped, dishonored because of insufficient funds, no funds, or because the drawer or maker has no account, or account on which it is drawn has closed,

By using this service, you agree that Hunter Body Works may text you at the number provided. Message and data rates may apply.
By drawing your signature in the space provided above, and clicking the "complete authorization" button, you are consenting to use electronic records and signatures in connection with this transaction, confirming your name displayed above is correct and you understand and agree to the statements above as well as our Terms and Conditions for Use in Document Executions. Your electronic signature will be just as enforceable as signing the same document using a handwritten signature.
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